Villa Hadir

51, rue  Emile Mark
L-4620 Differdange

Key figures
offices: 1,000 m²
brasserie: 400 m²

Completion: 2006

Ville de Differdange

The building dates back to 1897 at the boom of the steel industry in Differdange. It was owned over the years by various Luxembourg, German or French companies and owes its name "Hadir" to the French company 'Société des Hauts-fourneaux et Aciéries de Differdange – St Ingbert – Rumelange ("HADIR")', buying the steel works after the First World War.

It was used for a long time by Arbed, then in the 1980s by the local union delegations, left abandoned for almost 10 years before Ikogest decided in 2005 to invest in its conversion.

For the renovation and the restoration of the building, Ikogest has tried to respect the initial architecture as much as possible. The architect Aristide Gambucci, in charge of the planning, managed to bring back Villa Hadir to its full glory, making it one of the architectural highlights of Differdange today.

This renovation took place within the project Arboria for the urbanization of the Plateau du Funiculaire of which it was a first step. It will be followed by over 47,000 m² of residential space with apartments, student housing and houses, as well as a shopping mall with 13,000 m² for shops and restaurants.