Cloche d'Or

10, rue Henri Schnadt
L-2530 Luxembourg

Key figures
offices: 4,300 m²
parking spaces: 42

Completion: 2005

KanAm Grund KAG mbH

Initially designed to comply with the requirements of the first tenant, Mazars, the building Cloche d'Or has attracted many other companies since then.

Its main advantage: an amazing flexibility.

The design of the building optimises the use of the space and offers excellent renting ratios.

Thus, the modular space can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of the users in order to reflect the operational structure of the tenants. Technical, optional and additional installations allow adapting equipment to the actual needs of the users.

The technologies used in the building were chosen not only for their high performance with regard to comfort but also with regard to their low operating costs. All these advantages make Cloche d’Or an exceptional building.

Photos © Barbara Burg + Oliver Schuh