Long-term perspective

Ikogest designs business, residential and retail space. It also manages the assets of two real-estate funds under the supervision of the CSSF: Pharos Real Estate Fund and Olos Fund. As a developer and manager we focus on long-term perspectives in our building projects.

Designing buildings to last means for Ikogest choosing sites with a strong development potential, using environment sound techniques and working with exceptional architects who embrace these values. It also means anticipating the expectations of customers, be they investors or users.

This is why Ikogest is innovating at the architectural and at the design level creating buildings that evolve, are easy to maintain, economical, aesthetical and comfortable for the daily well-being of the users.

After more than 25 years of existence on the Luxembourg market, Ikogest has proven its capacity to adapt to market evolutions and respond to the requirements of its customers.

Thanks to our know-how we have managed to take a leading position in the real-estate market in Luxembourg.